Posted by: thespindoctor4u | October 19, 2011

Daily Routine

 Are you exercising every day, drinking 1/2 your bodys weight amount of water in ounces, eating healthy? How about your fruits and vegetables, are you eating several servings a day? Just checking, I know you have a busy life but this stuff is very important.

 I stopped drinking soda in large amounts way back, probably 15 years or so. I might have 1/2 dozen glasses per year now. It will be TEN full years since I quit smoking . It was hard to do but I made it. I was not going to pay the price. I started eating right about 8 years ago. I feel really good. I am 52 but on the scale my metabolic age reads between 29 and 34. Health is so important today. It’s getting close to maybe all we have in a few years is our health. Any questions, comments, problems…… please write.




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